2. ABA therapy


Aha! I have a chance to be controversial again !

-meaning that, although ABA seems so entrenched in USA’s autism-therapy culture, and is also used in Australia (my country)
 – I do not like it.

Here is a badly-voice-synched video from Arman, who is nonetheless an accomplished communicator:

Arman doesn’t say whether he went through ABA therapy, but the way he speaks suggests he has. He also prefers the Son Rise, Floortime therapies, like me, and also “Brain Gym” (don’t know about that one) so no wonder I put his video here! He thinks ABA is ok, but in my opinion accurately describes it as “conditioning”.
To be fair, I added a video about ABA which is mercifully fairly brief but shows the therapy in action:

(I wonder whether the little kids are going to get fat, through constantly being fed little “approval treats”!) (like a horse being fed sugar cubes for performing)

If you really want to see ABA get a body-blow, uppercut and king-hit, see what Son Rise has to say about it : to visit their site, click here!
(Son Rise is in-synch with almost all of my Real World Training concepts except that they think in terms of a “cure”, and their Course requires much expert time and guidance, making it often beyond the financial range of many parents – my “self-help” Course costs almost nothing.)

I’ll tell you why ABA works to an extent:
 it is because by obliging the subject to copy your actions, it sets up a neural-response that persists whenever such stimulus (like saying “how are you?”) occurs, so without thinking the subject says “fine”. (He.she may not feel fine, but that’s what he.she’ll say!)
I have just (by the way) given you a neural-interpretation of what Conditioning is.
By continually enacting response-to-stimuli, the brain does become more used to doing that in general, so to an extent it does pull a person out of Own World, more often, by reflex action.
But you may note that I said “pull a person out” and there are better ways of doing it! See my Real World Training by clicking on the lines. Enticing out is a far better way!

I have said enough! Time for you to add your thoughts, that will appear below.

(All you ABA’ers, tell me what a fool I am !)




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