Topic 10: “What happens over time” – your comments?

What happens to anything you do consistently,
after many years ..?
It becomes Habit. So we need to introduce
desirable Habits in our Youngsters.

I remember Tony Robbins’ comment:
“You don’t whip a U-turn with the Queen Mary!”
it is a quote from decades ago, and it still resonates.

Because it is not what we do occasionally, but what we do consistently,
that puts us in the places we want to be  – or lands us in the mud…

If you learn to consistently (and pleasurably) enter the Real World,
eventually learning to do so with your own motivation,
you will become happier, more confident, with less need to
retreat to Own World.

And learning to consistently want to enter and interact
with the Real World, often present in this Junior Real World Training,
(and even more profoundly in the older age training,
not available yet) is the deliberate approach of the Course I offer,
and is what distinguishes its aims from Training of other kinds.

Do you also feel that “self-training” in the longer-term
should be the aim
of every mild-autism Course?
Offer your comments on the benefits of consistency, here!



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