Topic 8: “YOUR Missing Out” – your comments?

Your Missing Out

”Missing out” is a dreadful feeling,
and in a primitive human society (or in higher-animal societies)
your lack of being able to participate and contribute
and thus be admitted (or not) into the group,
could mean the difference between life and death.

But how nice, now you can do something about it!
Using the techniques of Real World Training,
your Child will increasingly want to enter the
Real World because you have sold him.her
on the fun that is there!

(Also be aware that the feeling of “missing-out”
is one of the strongest motivators to want to improve,
to want to learn.
And this is why this powerful motivator is harnessed
in the Full Real-World Training, beyond age 8,
– this training is in the development stage,
but feel free to ask about it)


Speak up, what is your feeling?



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