Topic 1: “How Mild Autism Starts” – your comments?

“How it starts” deals mostly with how Oversensitivities affect our Loved Ones.

How Oversensitivities interfere and conflict with the “connection-instinct”
that babies have to their parents.
How that unfortunately makes our kids feel much more on their own…

Birth, and struggling to understand, is traumatic for all of us!
(that’s why all babies cry – humans being more sensitive than other
animals, have a harder time coping with the assaults integral to life)
How much more so for our Children!

“How it Starts” also deals with comprehension:
How we grow to understand the ‘patterns’ that make up
the world around us;
how we learn to predict and better-control the patterns,
– and how breaks in pattern-understanding due to
a brain that is overactive or oversensitive in some areas
leads to less ability to perceive and control what is around us.


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